Earn & Use Points

Earn Points Every Time You Shop

With your bill ranging from Rs.1 to Rs.5000 you will be our valuable Slab1 member and would earn 2.5 points on every Rs. 100 Spent.

While shopping with us when your cumulative transaction billing amount ranges from Rs.5001 to Rs.25,000 you will be able to earn 5 points on every Rs.100 spent hence forth.

With your cumulative billing transaction amount going above Rs.25,000 you become eligible to earn 7.5 points on every Rs.100 spent hence forth.

The Value of 1 Point is equal to 1 Rupee.

S.NoSlab NameSlab Min. ValueSlab Max. ValueSlab Discount
1Slab1Rs.1To Rs.5000 2.5%
2 Slab2Rs.5001To Rs250005%
3Slab3Rs.25001& Above 7.5%

Voucher of  minimum of 500 points
Professionals/Franchisee & Dealer Customers to get flat 3% points.
1% points on Cameras
3% points on Accessories

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